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About Australian Dental Labs

Australian Dental Labs formally known as Impressions Dental Lab (The IDS Lab) are a boutique dental laboratory that specialise in three major aspects of dental technology Prosthetics, Orthodontics and Splints.

With the ever-growing dental industry, it is important to stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry from digital scanners 3D printers to intraoral scanners and CAD/CAM designs. At Australian Dental Labs we work closely together with some of the biggest developers in the industry to ensure we are up to date and or innovating and helping the industry grow.

Our prosthetics department led by owner Joel Leonard delves into the depths of digital prosthetics. His main goal is to help patient and client experience by eliminating appointments and reducing appointment times. Most importantly creating an appliance that is comfortable and aesthetic.

Australian Dental Labs orthodontics department led by owner Luke Tsougranis strives to achieve the highest patient compliance from start to finish. We work closely alongside orthodontist customizing appliances to generate the best result understanding that not every mouth is the same.

Every patient has different needs but all results are the same, a happy patient with a great smile.

Australian Dental Labs understands the necessity of splints and the lack of supply in Australia with the latest technology in 3D printed splints.

Australian Dental Labs can now produce splints like no other and in a fraction of the time with our 48hr service we let our splints do the talking comfortable, functional and did I mention quick!

Our Team

Joel Leonard and Luke Tsougranis joined forces to create Australian Dental Labs, a venture that seamlessly combines their expertise and passion for excellence in the dental industry. Leveraging Joel’s background in prosthetics and Luke’s extensive experience in orthodontics, they have established a dental laboratory that sets new standards in the dental world.

The synergy between Joel’s prosthetic knowledge and Luke’s orthodontic knowledge has resulted in a dental laboratory that prioritizes innovation, precision, and exceptional quality. Australian Dental Labs is not just a place where dental products are crafted; it is a hub of excellence that exceeds industry expectations. Together, Joel and Luke have created a dental laboratory that reflects their shared commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving the highest standards in the dental industry.

joel leonard smiling

Joel Leonard

Joel Leonard’s transition from a professional track cycling career to the dental field reflects his commitment to achieving excellence. With seven Australian championships and a consistent global top 10 presence in cycling.

His journey into the dental industry is further enriched by his extensive experience as a Prosthetics specialist.

With over 20 years of expertise in crafting prosthetic solutions, Joel has honed his skills working alongside industry leaders in the field. His understanding of prosthetics adds a unique dimension to Australian Dental Labs.

luke tsougranis ​​smiling

Luke Tsougranis

Luke Tsougranis, began his journey in orthodontics by working at Melbourne’s most prestigious orthodontic lab.

His experience spans the evolution of orthodontics from analogue to the digital world, giving him a comprehensive understanding of the field.

Luke’s expertise in orthodontics, combined with his adaptability to technological advancements, positions him as a key part in the creation of Australian Dental Labs.