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Occlusal splints, also known as mouthguards or bite splints, are dental appliances designed to alleviate a variety of dental conditions by providing support and protection to the teeth and jaw. These custom-made removable dental appliances are commonly used to manage a range of dental issues including bruxism (teeth grinding), temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ), and several others, offering significant relief and improving overall oral health. At Australian Dental Labs, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of high-quality occlusal splints. Our offerings encompass a wide range of splint types, advanced manufacturing techniques, and comprehensive treatments for various bite and jaw-related conditions.

Types of Splints We Offer

Hard Splints

Hard splints are highly effective dental appliances designed for severe teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Made from durable acrylic or other strong materials, they provide robust support and relief and their rigid construction is ideal for managing intense teeth grinding and TMJ disorders. Our custom-fitted splints protect teeth from wear and damage while alleviating jaw tension and discomfort, ensuring long-term relief and improved oral health.

Soft Splints

Soft splints are comfortable dental appliances made for mild to moderate teeth grinding. Made from pliable, flexible materials, they offer high comfort and ease of wear, ideal for patients who find hard splints uncomfortable. Soft splints protect the occlusal surfaces of the teeth, preventing damage from grinding and reducing jaw discomfort. They provide an excellent balance of protection and ease of use for managing bruxism.

Dual-Layer Splints

Dual-layer splints offer a perfect balance of comfort and durability. They feature a soft inner layer for comfort and a hard outer shell for robust protection against grinding and clenching. This design combines the benefits of both soft and hard splints, making them highly adaptable. At Australian Dental Labs, our precision-crafted dual-layer splints ensure optimal performance and comfort, catering to the unique needs of our patients.

Our Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

an orthodontic splints-making 3D printing machine

3D Printing Technology

At Australian Dental Labs, we utilise advanced 3D printing technology to create precise and custom-fitted dental occlusal splints. This cutting-edge technique ensures each splint is crafted to meet the exact specifications required, offering a perfect fit for every patient. The accuracy and efficiency of 3D printing results in high-quality, durable splints that provide optimal comfort and protection for every splint.

CAD/CAM Integration

The integration of CAD/CAM technology revolutionises our design and manufacturing process for mouth splints. Our CAD/CAM systems are used to digitally design dental splints and identify the precise specifications needed, ensuring a perfect fit for each patient. This advanced technology allows for meticulous control over the manufacturing process, guaranteeing that our dental splints meet the highest standards of accuracy and success.

Why Choose Our Custom Occlusal Splints?

australian made

Precision Fit Technology

Our precision fit technology meticulously analyses the individual's dental structure, ensuring that each splint, among various types of dental splints, is perfectly tailored to provide optimal pain relief from headaches and neck discomfort.

professional team

High-Quality Materials

We utilise high-quality materials in the manufacturing process of our TMJ splints, prioritising durability to keep them in excellent condition long-term, and comfort, to provide professional support and relief for jaw joints.

swift service

Swift service

Experience swift service with us as we prioritise a fast turnaround time from order to delivery for occlusal splints, ensuring prompt relief for patients suffering from issues such as toothaches while minimising occlusal splint costs and alleviating muscle activities.

dedicated to excellence

Dedicated to Excellence

At Australian Dental Labs, we're dedicated to excellence, prioritising quality and customer satisfaction in every aspect of our service. From crafting splint teeth to designing night guards, we ensure the highest standards to meet our customers' ideal needs and expectations.

Materials Used in Occlusal Splints


Acrylic is a commonly used material in the fabrication of occlusal splints, renowned for its durability and suitability for hard splints. This robust material provides excellent protection for teeth, making it ideal for individuals experiencing stress, anxiety, or other issues leading to teeth grinding. With its proven resilience, acrylic ensures that the splint remains effective in alleviating symptoms while offering long-lasting comfort and support.


Thermoplastic materials play a pivotal role in the creation of soft and dual-layer splints, offering exceptional flexibility and comfort. These materials are specifically chosen for their ability to conform to the unique contours of the teeth, providing a custom-made fit that alleviates discomfort associated with teeth clenching and grinding. With their gentle yet powerful properties, thermoplastic splints offer relief from headaches and other symptoms related to teeth clenching, ensuring a comfortable experience that takes individual needs into account.

Conditions Treated by Occlusal Splints

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Occlusal splints, among various dental splint types prevent teeth grinding by providing a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth, reducing strain on the temporomandibular joint and alleviating related symptoms such as headaches or jaw pain.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD)

Occlusal splints, among various dental splint types, play a crucial role in alleviating pain and discomfort associated with Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD) by providing support and alignment to the jaw, offering relief for those experiencing tightness or discomfort.

Jaw pain and discomfort

Occlusal splints designed for TMJ provide proper relief from jaw pain and discomfort by promoting the proper alignment and reducing pressure on the temporomandibular joint, ultimately improving overall oral health for a more comfortable and friendly dental visit.

Protecting Dental Restorations

Occlusal splints designed for TMJ provide essential protection for dental restorations by acting as a barrier against the damaging effects of teeth grinding and clenching, ensuring the longevity of dental work and prompting patients to seek expert advice for optimal oral health.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Occlusal splints, also known as mouth splints, are custom-made dental appliances designed to alleviate symptoms associated with teeth grinding and clenching. These splints are created by dentists to provide superior protection for teeth and jaw joints, offering relief from discomfort and related issues.
The customisation process typically involves a consultation with your dentist and impressions of your teeth, followed by fabrication at a dental laboratory. This can vary, but usually takes a few days to a couple of weeks.
The lifespan of an occlusal splint depends on factors such as usage, maintenance, and the materials used in its construction. With proper care and regular check-ups with your dentist, occlusal splints can last for several years.